It's the Moment

My name is Ana Ruiz Ramirez and I’m running to be your next Franklin County Commissioner for District 2! I was born in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1977 and raised in Colima City, Mexico. I first came to Franklin County in 1997 and it became the place I call home since 2009. I am the proud mother of three beautiful children, all of whom were raised right here in Pasco. I have been heavily involved in our community as a co-founder of the Pasco Taco Crawl, worked to get my vision to come to fruition by leading the team who negotiated the Colima-Pasco Friendship Agreement with the State of Colima, and an Executive Committee member for the Somos Pasco Economic Development Strategic Vision. I also had the pleasure of serving on the Washington State Commission on Hispanic affairs. I am a Class XVIII Leadership Tri-Cities graduate. Currently I serve as Chair of Tri-Cities Community Health.

I am running for Franklin County Commissioner because I believe now is the moment to think big and for our county to embrace its bright future. If elected, I will work to rebuild the relationship between Benton and Franklin Counties, City of Pasco, Pasco School District, and Port of Pasco. I will fight to keep the roads in Franklin County properly funded by promoting a more fiscally responsible county budget. I am committed to foster a spirit of collaboration in Franklin County by working with the cities of Franklin County to develop interlocal agreements, so that every Franklin County resident can have access to the services they deserve. I will work to strengthen Pasco Schools by making sure that Franklin County honors its responsibility to them.

I view elected office as a service to the people, not a right. When I was a little girl, my father always told me that it was important to do right by others and wherever I was to always ask how can I help. This community has always stood by me when I needed it most, it gave me a home, it welcomed me with open arms and this community is fertile ground to bring the best of myself to every challenge. I am running because above all else, I love this community, I am thankful to those who have served before me, they have laid the groundwork to give the residents of  Franklin County a community with a bright future, I have prepared myself to pick up the baton, it’s the moment to give back in a bigger capacity.


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